It’s time for me to move to the next step, back to work. It will be hard because this is where I learned I lost you, but I will get past this I have no choice. You are gone in body, but you will always be in our hearts. All I have to do is look at our children and I see you. Miss you, my best friend, husband.

To the doctors and the medical field. If a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is in pain why are you making them suffer? My husband had Dementia, depression, pain and no sleep for over a month.

He lost fifteen pounds because he couldn’t eat, every time he did pain that brought tears to my husband’s eyes, but yet when he asked for just something to help him sleep you ignored him, too afraid to give him something. Do I think this would have saved my husband? Given us the extra time to say goodbye? I don’t know, but you never gave us that choice.

My Husband was not a drug addict…He didn’t need to be controlled. He needed relief which you did not give him.

Is this anger from me, you bet it is. There has to be a line where a physician’s need to step up and walk in their patient’s shoes.  What caused my husband to take his life? Dementia, pain, no sleep, and depression not suicide that is written on his death certificate. All he wanted to do was sleep and now he is asleep, his father is with him. So yea, I blame you right now.

So, if you have a loved one in pain and is dying, please speak up, fight for them. Doctors have to see their patients…

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