It’s been a long time since my last post. I guess with this disease everyday life makes it twice as hard to face other aspects of your life. We had a crisis with my son and to watch my husband trying to cope with this was hard.

We live close to the hospital so he would walk home, but you worry will he find his way. Thank god he can still find his way, but I slowly see other things going. More notes are around the house. Quiet days are welcomed and worshiped from me, today is not one of those days.


  1. Dish guy 2 hours
  2. Take daughter to work
  3. Blog-email-edits
  4. 2 doctor appointments for husband-treading lightly since he hates this doctors office. Trying to make him understand this doctor helps with his depression and his sickness, but he can’t comprehend it.
  5. Making sure son is okay, watching to make sure no more seizures. (Everyday, 24 hours.)


These are just the main parts of my day off. Let’s not forget all the little things a mom had to do. That quote “A mother’s job is never done,”  is an understatement.

On, happier news, time is getting closer to our cruise, mom, daughter and I will be gone for a week Cuba and Mexico. Never been on a cruise so it should be interesting. Son, his girlfriend will be watching and making sure husband eats. I’ll have posted lists on the boards and taped to the kitchen cupboards for him.

I finally finished two stories and working on edits also, so another thing done and two more in my sites to finish too.

Okay off and running up to number four today, oh then I have to find something to make he’ll eat, sigh…Have a great day folks.