This week’s journey deals with every day’ life. As with all children mine are not perfect but they are normal. 🙂 Running to the store for me while I was at work son got into a bender fender. Nothing major, truck has a bump on it’s bumper. Son is paying his ticket, it’s not a drinking and driving nothing like that.

BUT, how does this effect a patient with Dementia? It throws his world into a something he can’t handle. Frustration, anger, slammed  doors, not eating and not sleeping is what we are dealing with this week, not to mention walking on egg shells hoping not to set the man off.

Let’s not forget the son, who is also shutting down, seeing his father sending all this frustration and anger at him when all he did was help his mom. Two strong men, one sick the other hurt, where mom stands between them trying to calm them both.

The house is quiet this morning, laundry has been started, cat boxes cleaned, kitchen cleaned, and I now sit down to drink my coffee, writing my post my stomach in knots. Will he wake in a good mood? Will he go off if son takes the truck again to go to work this afternoon? Is he going to be okay while I’m at work tonight?

So, when you think of events that life throw at you every day, just imagine a dementia person trying to cope with these events when part of his memory processing is leaving him.  Treasure those you have around you, because at anytime they can be gone. Have a wonderful day and remember to breathe, take a minute to step outside and just take in all that is good around you sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps you going.