I have skipped two posts and this was due to so many up and downs in my life. Even with a illness of Dementia life still goes on around me. Two weekends in a row sitting in ER. First my son, two seizures and broken back. (He’s fine now)

This past weekend, husband in ER blood work had doctor worried, but thank god it was nothing and we were out of the hospital in four hours. But that is not all, stomach virus his our house on top of all this. So, yes, I didn’t even open the laptop the one weekend.

I’m hoping the roller coaster ride is slowing down this person needs a break. But on the Dementia update I’m seeing everyday life things he’s forgetting how to do now. Trash bags give him a very hard time opening.

I asked husband to open a can for me He didn’t know how to operate the can opener.

Another thing I noticed, he’s repeating a little more, afraid of appearing stupid, but then again it doesn’t help to have a family that keep telling him he’s stupid.

If it was thing I would do if it didn’t hurt him is keep him from visiting his family. Again and again, they have treated my husband like dirt and I can’t stand it, but it would only hurt him if I did say anything.

On good news, disability has been approved and he is less worried now a little about money and so am I. He is also keeping busy working on his slot car track, which I believe is helping him concentrate.

Sleep is rough when him, so I’ve given up the bed allowing him to move around in the bed without having to worry about me in it. Soon, when things settle a little I’ll be searching for resources to help us when things get worse. I know one thing I have to worry about is our bathroom.

We have a claw foot tub and when things get worse there will be no way for me to get him into the this kind of a tub and I see him falling face first.

Research is my friend now…


The stars are never ending and one day you, my warrior will be riding them, free of pain, confusion and hurt.