This last week I joined two Facebook groups that are support groups for Dementia. What an eye opener already. I so see myself is so many of the posts, but I also see posts that let me know what I have coming my way, scary. But I do believe in the long road these groups will help.


On the home front, husband is starting to get a little aggravated, being sick all the time. In March he’ll be getting a colonoscopy and the scope down the throat also. His stomach is not up to part, hurting him.

We also have our first incident with the bladder, pain holding anything also. Is it part of the disease or is it something else? If it is part of the disease it’s moving faster then I thought it would.

Family support? What is that? From his family I knew they wouldn’t help, but their attitude total blew me away. One brother ignoring husband, other brother calling him stupid treating husband like a shit, and of course the mom thinking he’s useless and telling him this to his face. But he still goes once a week to make sure to visit her, even though she throws her words at him. I know eventually the visits will stop soon, but until then I stand beside him.

Driving has come up as an issue. Tags are going to need to be bought and his license expires this month. Do I tell him to just let it all go since we are getting so close to him not being able to drive? I have one month to decide what we are doing, to watch how he is doing personally before I tell him.

As another week goes by I realized that I am now starting to think of what I will do when he is gone. Do I even want to stay here in this town? So many questions and things I need to start doing. But, one day at a time just adding things to my lists. Enjoy your day you never know what the next will bring you.