So many changes, things going on where does one start. The picture above is exactly how I feel some days. Just when I think things have settled down, something happens. Did I mention I hate this disease?

Pain front, we found out that his med’s husband was taking for the dementia was causing his pain. My husband had every side effect severely, hence why is now off his med’s till we see the doctor next week. So, all those tests, didn’t need them, well the colonoscopy that should have been a while ago, so I guess that is okay.

Doctor’s appoints are crazy here in this house. Between husband, two kids and myself, yea it’s bad. But when the husband starts his threats a day before the doctor appointments I want to once more just cancel everything. Tomorrow is the psych doctor he has to see now and husband does not like it one bit. “You say one thing wrong I walk out,” will be thrown out all day until the appointment tomorrow.


On the good news, husband now has more energy and is doing more now that the pain isn’t there. Last weekend, husband spent the whole weekend outside working in the yard and cleaning the cars. It was amazing to see. I guess we live for these days when things go good and I’ll take them.

“I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.” Charles M. Schulz