Running in Fear Series

Running in Fear series:

To Sherilyn Kenyon,

Who told me to never give up on my series


To all the authors who have a vision and a dream—

Keep Writing!

As an author, many of us have trouble with the publishing world and just do not make it. They give up and go away. I was going to be one of those in the first year of my writing career. But the words of a few special people kept me going.

One such person, was best-selling author Sherilyn Kenyon—and yes, I am a huge fan girl. When I met her a few years ago at a convention, I was on cloud nine. But what I wasn’t expecting was her encouragement and thoughtful words when we were discussing writing. I told her about my Running In Fear series and what it meant to me, and I’ll never forget what she said.

“Never give up on your series. There will always be people who will try and bring you down.”

Six years later, I have the rights to my series back. I’m slowly adding new material, editing the mistakes, and getting ready to publish the series again. Every time I questioned whether or not it was it worth it, I would think of those words.

So, with her encouragement,  I’m dedicating my series to Sherilyn Kenyon. Thank you for your help. This series will be out there showing other authors that it can happen, that they should never give up on their dreams.

As with the female characters in this story, each growing stronger, refusing to be victims again each author must first believe in himself or herself. Thank you, again Sherilyn Kenyon.

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