Valentine’s Cyborg

Valentine’s Cyborg

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It’s the year 2035 and erotic author Jaya Sartar has been running from a stalker fan for over three years. Now she is tired of running, and of always being afraid. Her only comfort has been her electronic lover, the robot Bot Bryn. Bryn was her dream man—he held her, comforted her, and even spanked her. But all technology needs an upgrade, so when a recent stalker sighting gets Jaya spooked, she orders the biggest, toughest, most perfect android on the market—and tricked him out with the latest defense and pleasure technologies.
But Bot Bryn has a secret that will change everything. He has waited for over two years to be with his bonded. Half machine, half man, his world needs women or they will die. Six light years away from his world, Bryn is bound to tie his female to him. For years she thought of him as a computer, but this computer had a Valentine’s surprise just for her.