Laying Claim to the Soul

The Fantasy Alive Series: Laying Claim to the Soul

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They say that everyone wants adventure in their lives, but Tabatha is the complete opposite, she craves normalcy. Yet Tabby is the one who has someone trying to kill her and everything she loves.

Throw in a wolf shifter, a demon, and a dragon-alien enforcer patrolling this sector of the universe, is enough to send her running for cover. .

Then one of her best friends, Shannon, turns out to be some kind of god with too much power. Yea, normal would be good. Tabby is so not prepared the handle this.


“I must say you have some balls dear sister. You do realize who you were yelling at, right?” Furfur asked as she sat down and took a bite of her ice cream.

“It does not matter. I’d yell at your boss if I had too,” Tabitha smiled. “I did laugh at him that one time.”

Chax’s brother turned his head and the expression on his face was comical, to say the least.

“Oh, okay I remember that, but he likes you for some reason.” Furfur said.

“Well thanks a lot brother of mine. You don’t like me?” She took her spoon and flung chocolate ice cream at him just when he turned his head towards her. The blob of ice cream hit him right below the left eye.

The shocked expression on his face as the ice cream ran down his cheek was too much. Tabatha burst out laughing. She laughed so hard tears rolled down her face.

“I so wish I had a camera,” Tabatha said as Wol-itelm came out onto the deck followed by Chax and Hoyt.

“What’s so funny…damn brother if you like ice cream so much use a spoon,” Chax teased.

“Funny real funny. I owe you one sister,” Furfur got up from his chair and headed inside, but Tabatha had seen the smile on his face.

She got up and went to him touching his shoulder. He turned and looked down at her the ice cream still dripping. “Thank you. I needed that more then you know.” Tabatha wrapped her arms around his waist and hugged him. “I’m glad you’re here, all of you. Even your pain in the ass brother Nicor.” She stepped back and grinned. “But that is okay, because I’ve decided to help Nicor. What he needs is a mate and I have the perfect person in mind for him.”

Furfur stared down at her for a few seconds before he started laughing. “I’m so going love watching this. Consider this your free shot.” He leaned down and kissed her cheek earning a growl from his brother

“Back off brother,” Chax said as he pulled her back into his arms.