The Empress’ Rapture

The Empress’ Rapture

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Sierra Blacksmith is a woman of many passions and unrealized potential. Being the youngest daughter of a werewolf and a Fey is not always easy, not to mention the fact that her father is clan leader. Sierra longs for a normal life. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she discovers her boyfriend is a two-timing Troll! He was a troll, their families’ enemy, who would go to any lengths to get between her virgin thighs. But, no that wasn’t enough. In walk two men claiming to be her mates, Roman and Garth Doming. They not only dominated both her thoughts and desires, but also introduce her to her third mate, a half demon and half fey.


With the back of the coat shredded, a cold draft raced up her spine. Sparks flew from her hands as she concentrated on the power she possessed inside her. The other Trolls, now done with the town slut, advanced on her. Magic circulated around everyone, and electrical sparks pierced the air, sending each one of the ugly things flying across the room. Glass exploded around the warehouse as the large windows shattered. The Trolls landed onto the kitchen table, breaking it. Martha stood and seeing the scene for the first time screamed, falling to the floor, but she didn’t have time to help her. She made her bed, let her sleep in it.

Move your feet, lady, and get the hell out of here!

She reached the door without any interruptions. The cold wind blew in her face taking her breath with it for a minute. The long, dirty alley seemed to stretch out before her. Sighing with relief, she saw the tank of a car she owned at the end of the alley. Not carrying who noticed her, Sierra revved up the car with her powers. Her legs ached, and numbness permeated her back, but she managed to reach the vehicle; with a shaky hand she threw open its driver’s door.