I will be the first to admit this is a very, very, bad day for me in the pocket book and emotionally. So be warned I’m going off and if the editing is not perfect to some of your standards, sorry I needed to get this out before I blew at some innocent person.

First, let me say I’m a very honest person. I hate, hate, hate anyone who lies. There is no excuse. Fine, if someone asks how they look or a child needs encouraging, a little padding is allowed.

BUT, when I purposely ask you, two times, will you accept no money down you tell me yes. Even knowing our credit is poor and  that we have a trade in that has dents in it you still tell us yes. Then to top it all off you tell us our loan is approved, that we need to come back tomorrow for the rest of the paperwork I again ask you the same question. Are you okay with no money down and paying off my trade in and you tell me yes again, third time. Not minding that it’s a 45 minute drive out there, gas prices go up because of the holiday, I waste two days writing time hoping to have my new car, but no…you lied….you lied….you lied…

I’m sorry to tell you that you need 1000 down and no we will not be paying off your car. We just want you to have another payment on top of the one you already have….


This is me in my head what I want to do at the dealership this morning, but I calmly pick up our papers, my water, keys and husband follows me out of the office not saying a word.

OH, but when I get into the car I see the gas needle. Where is the money you promised us for gas, but never delivered. Breathes heavy trying to calm down while driving home almost on empty completely broke because of the pests that tried to take extra money out of my bank account…

Second bad news of the day…

My insurance company decided I owed them more money then what they said, so hence them sending a second request for money without me knowing about it, bouncing three times…90 dollars worth of fees gone!!!

Do you have a hundred bucks to blow? I don’t. So I called the said, insurance company and ask why did you do this? They explain about the back dues and I try to inform the woman you can’t go into someones account and take money without them knowing about it.

Her words. “Oh, we know this and if you would have talked with a person instead of doing your arrangement online this would have been explained to you.” Can we say lucky she was not standing in front of me. So, no paying back that money and I still owe the extra 54 dollars they claim I owe.

I so need one of these….