Possession of the Soul

The Fantasy Is Alive Series: Possession of the Soul

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Can one woman handle a foursome made up of an Anasazi god, a demon and an alpha werewolf as lovers?

Ever since Tabatha’s family was murdered, she’s always faced things head-on, but now those killers and their allies are trying to kill her, too.

As the foursome works to solve the mystery of Tabatha’s special purpose, Wol-itelm, Chax and Hoyt must battle the enemy when it strikes their home. Snakes, wayward demons, and opposing were-clans attack Tabatha every chance they get. All three of Tabatha’s mates must come together to fight these enemies to save the woman they love.

Can they save her, and can they also tame their wild female both in bed and out of it?

Author review from Elle Boon:

Trinity Blacio has created a whole new series that I couldn’t put down. Tabatha, Wol-itelm, Chax, and Hoyt had me turning the page into the wee hours of the morning. This is the first in an all new paranormal world, although it is also a cliffhanger, a great start to a wonderful series and I didn’t feel cheated. Tabatha is human who has lost her entire family in a terrible explosion that rocked her world. She’s left with a group of supernaturals, but a deep seated mistrust for them as well, until she finds she is mated to not just one, but three uber alpha males. In this story there are many twists and turns, with each character so well fleshed out you can’t help but fall in love with each of them. However, I have a soft spot for Wol-itelm, the only one who doesn’t get to consummate his relationship with Tabatha. The entire book was so well written and described I could picture everything as if I was seeing it. Great job, Ms. Blacio. Now my only complaint is I need the next book…Now. By Author Elle Boon