arrivingWelcome to Dallas, Texas where Romantic Times convention is taking place this year, 2015. Where if you aren’t hiding your cover poster’s from onlookers, men try and pick you up.


I’m sorry sir, but no I’m not in the dating world and you sure do not fit my bill for the kind of man I would want as a Sugar Daddy. But you did give this old girl a very nice compliment so thank you.


Second thing, always, always write down what you pay for even if they send a confirmation or not. Yes, this old lady forgot about reserving a shuttle from said airport to hotel, but on my part if you do not send me a confirmation before I arrive do not call my cell phone and yell at me. You were the ones who did not contact me to let me know I’d made the reservations. A matter of fact, I’m still waiting for the money I paid you for that reservation since it’s obvious you were not o\n the ball and screwed up, hence a nice little review will go to your company when I’m at home.


Third thing for today the hotel is amazing…The views are amazing here as you see above. But below is a view from the 12 floor in our hotel. Mind you I did not take this picture because of the vertigo.



Stay tuned for the next post from RT tomorrow and I tell you all about our Round Up!