L.U.S.T Hospital Anthology

Stories 1-3

The Stockroom

Champagne Bleedstone loved her job. Helping people always lightened her soul, but she had one addiction, sex. It was her luck one said Dr. had learned about this, Dr. Ralph Overstreet, the local bad boy of doctors.

The Cafeteria

Her life was in a rut. Ever since her ex had left Monica Carnal refused to allow her heart to be crushed again, but the vibes coming off this new place she worked had her wondering. Not to mention that all the tall, dark and spooky Dr. Nash Stevens had to do was give her a look and her panties were gone…How the hell was she supposed to do her job, walking around with no panties.

The Shamrock Doc

Mara Warrs had volunteered a number of times at the hospital, but lately, she swore someone had been following her around the hospital. The nurses kept teasing her that the Shamrock was with her, but she sure as hell didn’t think so. Her luck sucked and she sure wasn’t Irish, until she met the Shamrock Doc, the fertility specialist.