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New Life Series Book 1

The universe out there is much bigger than anyone knows. To control this, a great and powerful people long ago created what humans call the Grim Reapers. But to us and others, we are known as New Life Givers, sending others to their new destinies. No one knows who will be chosen to hold one of these honored jobs. This person won’t know until they reach the destined age to reveal what and who they are, getting a crash course on the job and their own species.

Twelve brothers, the Grim Reapers, but to them, they were the ones that took them from their old lives to start a new life, journey. Harry Turns was one such man, but little did he know his chosen one was the one and same girl he had wanted in high school, so long ago.

One glance at her twenty-some years later and Harry knew she was his. Would she allow his claim? To show her what it was truly to love someone, who would give their life for her? Would Tiara Franken choose to start over with a life totally different from what she knew, for eternity?