2014-06-25 17.03.33Well we got on the plane no problem, but as you can see husband was not a happy camper. He does not like flying and our plane ride was pretty good. Daughter and son did pretty good. But, guess what I knew I would forget something, so far actually I forgot three things.

1. Not allowed big bottles of shampoo, yep son’s Axe shampoo and my shampoo hit the garbage.

2. Sitting on our kitchen table  my bottle of IB, Excedrin, and allergy pills. (Can we say cussing up a storm!!!)

3. Hair brushes…How the hell am I supposed to comb daughter’s long hair with a comb? For that matter my hair and husbands.

2014-06-25 19.35.09

So we make it to our destination. Fort Lauderdale go to our car rental place. NEVER believe what they say on the internet. I was told 104 for a week at E-Z rentals I get there since I was paying cash I had to pay 237. YEP, not including the 100 extra deposit.

I will just say thank you to my father because we wouldn’t have a place to stay because that was part of our hotel money. Oh you should have heard me bitching…So make sure you call and ask. Seems people do not like cash how stupid can you be.

2014-06-25 22.32.43I pay the lady for our car and we are in the parking lot walking around our car inspecting it when we hear crunch. NOT a good crunch. To our left some guy was backing a white Malibu into one of the parking spots and just crunched the shit out of the back end. Parts were falling off of it. Next, we are driving out of the parking area and an idiot a head of me turns the wrong way and runs  over two sets of spikes to keep people out. Well it didn’t keep this idiot out.

Did have to laugh though, every car that passed us on the hwy my son and daughter were, “OMG look at that one,” then they turn and see another nice car. W

Hotel parking sucks and cost me another 50 bucks I didn’t have, but on a good note we owed less then I thought we did. But finding a parking spot was a bitch. Hotel room, not the best at all. It will do, but I want my Marriott. Next time I take the family on a trip I will make sure everything is paid for a head of time…

Stove dirty, not enough dishes or sliver-ware so will have to buy paper plates and a pack of plastic forks, not to mention soap and towels.

Another thing that sucks, NO COFFEE POT!!! Going to have to find a Starbucks in the morning. So that is the end of our day. Oh that is son in the pool he couldn’t wait to go swimming.

Contest…Just say hello to each post while I’m here and you will be entered for a box of goodies… Night folks will post again tomorrow. A day at the beach, walking around and finding my coffee. Hugs to you all. Oh yes, please excuse spelling and all since I’m so,so, so tired.