Dangerous Curves Ahead

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There is nothing sexier than confidence and when it comes to love and passion, size doesn’t matter.
This anthology of nine stories ranges from sassy to sexy to sizzling, from contemporary to paranormal, and from new love to established relationships. What they all have in common are heroines who know they are more than the image they see in the mirror and who cannot be defined by the so-called rules of mainstream media.
Here you’ll find:
A woman who’s finally accepted herself and is not going to settle when it comes to her work or her love life.
A wife who needs to seduce the husband who is afraid to love.
A successful doctor facing down her high school bully and reconnecting with the man who loved her from affair.
A midnight kiss that becomes more in the new year.
A she-wolf discovering the vastness of her powers along with her soulmate.
And more. These women are going for big dreams, facing important goals and changes, and living with a passion that leaves their lovers breathless and aching for more.