Daddies Anthology

Books 1-3

Who doesn’t like a good Daddy story? Three short daddy stories.

Daddie’s Baby

Gastone Tamburello had everything money could buy, but one thing that he needed, wanted. A woman who would be his baby. Someone he could pamper and spank if need-be, well maybe a little more if he pleased. Yes, he was a kinky bastard, but then again, he came from a family of kinky men. Who would be his little baby?

Daddy’s Bad Little Girl

Mattie Windsor worked with dying children daily, always giving her time and energy to them. When Mattie got home all she wanted to do was curl up in her biker Daddy’s arms and let him take care of her. When fate stepped in, Maddie learned that she can’t always be a Good Little Girl.

Daddy’s Watching

Zasper: As soon as Zasper Huntsman took care of her psycho ex, his Princess would be his body, soul, and heart. He’d waited four long months to be with her.

Lisa: Zasper was quiet, but the way his gaze devoured her always sent a shiver up her spine. Her ex-husband kept harassing her and her children, but could she have a future with her Daddy? She sure knew her body responded to the way he touched, spanked and played with it.