Bound by Witchcraft

Charmed by My Masters Book 1

Bound by witchcraft, a fate that will surround her family with danger…

Blair Sinclair took over the responsibility of raising her brothers and sisters after their parents deaths. The oldest, she vowed to do what she could to protect them from the same horrible fate of her parents. When the first threats start, Blair knew she had to make the most difficult decision of her life-split them up, sending them to the safe houses.

Dietrich Flade, master of the New York safe house, along with close friends, Gray Stongwolf and Jax Jager, run a successful club, but below the club is another world-reserved only for those who understand the world of magic. When a young witch appears, the three men know that they will do everything in their power to protect Blair and her family from the dark forces determined to execute them.

Can a centuries old knight, a Werewolf, and a Native American Warlock protect Blair from those hunting her? Even more, will Blair accept that the three men want to be more than a bodyguard-they want her as their mate?


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