This is sort of a Rant against a number of things. First, cable TV. Excuse me if you offer a special price on your damn website you should also offer this price to you customers who have been with you for years! But no, instead you charge us double of this prize. Just because you think you have a monopoly on this industry is just wrong. Time to look else where!


Second, and this one makes me sick every time I see these commercials. Like is poor folks can afford your new ways. Nutria System please who the hell can afford you unless you are making major bucks. Weight Watchers, excuse me do you know how much food is? I’m lucky if I get some food I can eat without the kids eating it. Most of the time we’re so broke the cheapest thing to eat is the worse for you to eat, let alone pay the monthly fee for your service to tell us what to buy and make. Now a days Vegetables are right up there with meat prices and who has the money to buy all these expensive fish, steaks, and such? I’m lucky to buy hamburger, chicken, or hot dogs, please!


News Flash!!!

White Buffalo MC Series

Hunger of The Heart 

Book 1

March 28 at Decadent Publishing


Warriors of old used to ride their mighty horses out into the night, searching for the enemy, hunting for food, and enjoying the land the Great Mother let them borrow. Those times have changed, and greedy men have taken their land. Cities, roads fill their once quiet world.

Born on separate reservations, a group of young men with hearts of old souls, long dead warrior’s souls, ride together again, but this time they don’t ride horses. Today, it’s all about the motorcycle. Helping the desperate, following the call of the ancient spirits. They call themselves The White Buffalo MC and it’s their job to get their people ready for the dark day, which was told to them long ago.