Nana’s Biker Friend

Grandmas Need Love Too Series: Nana’s Biker Friend


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Twenty-five years she’d given up of her life to only have her bed empty and cold beside her. Maria Tahoe, grandma, divorcee and going through menopause from hell. All she wanted was to spend time with her grand-babies and live a quiet life, but it seemed fate had different plans for her.

A second chance to start all over, but of course there had to be danger with said chance. Could Maria stay alive long enough to fulfill her true destiny with this man, Alexander Winslow or was it wishful dreams wanting love for this Grandma?


“Tara Marie Snyder knock it off! Jeez! So what if I peek? They’re hot, and it’s not like that young thing is going make a move on me.” Maria tried to do the eyebrow thing at her youngest child who occasional reminded her of her ex-husband, the old prude. “Plus, I’m only fifty, and I’m sure not dead, like your father wishes sometimes.” Maria relaxed and took a sip of coffee, grinning thinking of the nice package she had gotten in the mail from the erotic store the day before. Yep, she was going to have fun tonight.

She crossed her legs in her seat and took a deep breath. Every Sunday morning, Maria came downtown to the local coffee shop just to watch the people roll in. She loved Detroit, but so many were afraid to come here with the loss of jobs, home foreclosures, and such. Sure, there were the thugs, but the sidearm she had a permit to carry kept her protected, plus the self-defense class she took every year helped a lot, too.

Maria patted = Lady Smith, the gun she’d named after her great grandmother Ella, who was a hoot, frowned upon by everyone when she was alive. “Tara, why are you here?” Maria focused on her daughter. “Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing my baby.” Tears threatened, and she tried to swallow the knot forming in her throat. “I know you would rather be with your hunk husband.”

Her daughter grinned and reached over, squeezing her arm. “I wouldn’t miss our Sunday morning bitch fest for the world. I’m afraid I have more of you in me than you thought. Do you know that hunk husband once more tried to stop me from coming?” Tara rolled her eyes. “I swear you’d think we didn’t know what is going on.” Her daughter sipped her drink, but wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“I know that expression, and you are up to something,” Maria asked.
“Well, it seems you have caught the attention of a certain biker. He’s been sitting on his hog staring at you. He is hot in a bad way. So not like Dad.” Maria laughed.

“I swear, baby, you confuse me. One minute you are yelling I’m too old to be out here searching for men, the next you are encouraging me.” She casually shifted in her seat to take a quick peek at the biker. His gaze caught and held hers. It wasn’t a cold chill that raised the hair on her arms, but a hot one. The man had Maria squirming in her seat as everything south of her belly button seemed to be burning. Even her nipples had hardened under his watchful scan. The man had the deepest dark blue eyes she’d ever seen. The fact she could see them from across the street was amazing. She wanted to crawl up his long legs and wrap her limbs around his body. She jumped as her daughter pinched her arm.

“Jeez, mom, stop staring at him,” she teased.