Training a Wife

The Virgin Witch and the Vampire King Series: Training a Wife


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Beth had hoped with her marriage things would settle down, but boy was she wrong. Death, betrayal seemed to be right behind them at each turn they made. The only thing Beth knew was to stay close to her men and trust no one. Beth had always been taught to believe in the future and hope for the best, but how can she be the wife and mother she craved to be if this sick psycho seemed to know every move she made? How could Beth trust her own judgment when twice now her best friends have turned out to be her enemies?

Two Kings, two alpha shifters should be able to keep their woman safe, but instead people they had trusted with her life had betrayed them time and time again. The only thing left for them to do was to leave her home, planet and life their queen had ever known. Together the five of them start all over. One step at a time. Ruling from a far, trusting only a select few, Edward, Lucas, Dred and Rock begin once more to set out to prove they are far more capable of keeping her safe. That it was okay to love and trust again all the while seeking the asshole who was bound to take the light of their life, their wife, their soul, Beth.