How Well Do You Know My Stories?

Good evening. I was going to write a little story of my precious here below, but right now I’m struggling to stay away from said Kitty. Not only does this kitty have to sleep at my head, this little thing decided to gag most of the night keeping me up all night. Guess who is out cold in my bed right now!  Cats….

But I guess for a cat that over twenty we believe, my Missy is awesome. She’ll take on any dog no matter what size as my sisters huge lab found out this last summer. Needless to say said dog will not get out of the car when sister comes over. Yes, she is a fierce on even in old age.

So today I tonight I thought I would post a few sentences from my books blurbs. You tell my in the comments below what book is said book from.

Now you can check out each blurb on Amazon or here on it’s page. What will you win? How long will this contest go for? One week, till next Friday. Your prize!

That’s right his Mystic gem ring will be yours.

  1. It seems the Great Sprit has responded to his need in the form of a witch-gypsy, Kizzy Lala, who happens to be helping the last survivors of a people thought long dead.
  2. Unfortunately, he can’t enjoy his latest ménage a trios near as much as he’d like to because he knows there’s someone out there who is his true soul mate.
  3. And she has attracted the attention of three supernatural males – a wolf shifter, a demon man, and a dragon-alien enforcer who patrols the alternate worlds that Tabby had no idea were even out there.
  4. But Valentine isn’t the only one who has found Kesha–she has attracted four others that would have any women drooling like a Saint Bernard.
  5. Bryn was her dream man—he held her, comforted her, and even spanked her.

Slade here. Make sure you post your answers below in the comments to enter this contest!

6 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know My Stories?

  1. mary says:

    1. hunger of the heart
    2.remi story prequel to running in fear
    3.laying claim to the soul
    4.valentine circle of love
    5. valentine cyborg

  2. IB says:

    Hi. Love your stories. May I know how many more books are left in the running in fear series and when they will be coming out?

    • trinityb says:

      So far there 9 books in the RIF series. Book 10 will be the new one and I believe it will be out around Christmas time. The way I figure it there will one of two more to go, but I have a spun off coming from it after I finish this part of the series. 🙂

      So,thank you.


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