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We Love NY

Fantasy Alive series:

Possession of the Soul Laying Claim to the Soul

Furlough Love Series

For Old Time Sake

Grandmas Need Loving Too Series:

Nana's Biker Friend

I Dream of Jinn Series:

Jeanne-Claude and Eugene’s Magic Lamp

Journeyman’s Way:

Lovers of the Galaxy Series:

Masters of the Cats Series:

escape escape Caging the Bengal Tiger A Christmas Tail

Naughty Series:

The Naughty Angel and Her Three Very Wise Men Naughty Mommy and Santa’s Helpers

Running Fear Series:

escape fog in forest cominghome RunningInFearCupidsVenom
dragonsden Ghost Warrior(1) Running In Fear Jubilee Running In Fear Jubilee

Single Titles:

Amethyst Flames escape Her Three Men escape
escape Stoned Love escape The Celtic God Who Loved Her
The Empress Rapture escape escape


Her Stepbrothers Are Dragons Her Stepbrothers Are Blood Suckers Her Stepbrothers Are Demons Her Stepbrothers Are Aliens
Her Stepbrothers' Demands

Surrender Series:

Surrender Your Independence Red Satin Lips

Virgin Witch and the Vampire King Series:

Her Stepbrothers Are Blood Suckers The Virgin Witch & the Vampire King Wedding Bells Times Four Training a Wife