Bound by Witchcraft

Charmed by My Masters: Bound by Witchcraft


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In the year 1589, Dietrich Flade was murdered in Trier, Germany. His crime: Dietrich refused to torture or kill innocent witches and warlocks. Little did he imagine that, four hundred years later, he would be one of the warriors to protect those he had protected so long ago, witches and warlocks from a modern day Earth.

The oldest of her sisters and brothers, Blair Sinclair sure didn’t feel like a charmed one. Not only did she have to leave her own home, but she also had to send her little sisters out into the dangerous world by themselves. Feeling like a failure and running from those that would possess her for Blair’s magical gifts, she runs to the one place her parents had told her to go to as a child. But she wasn’t prepared for the three Masters that took control of her life, body and heart.

Together, could the four of them find a way to live in peace, or would her enemies finally get what they wanted, her?